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I want to be the very best boxer of the world.

For me its important to keep health and always stay strong, having fun and make great choices. Believing that everything is possible as long as you are ready to fight for it. 

When I was a nine year old kid I started train Shotokan Kase Ha Karate. I trained very hard for eight years and my trainer teached me a lot about life, patience and people. When my time of Karate ended, I trained Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, kickboxing and mixed martial arts. A short time of competing before I got in touch with olympic boxing. I moved to Stockholm four years back to get mor opportunities of boxing. Now I´ve been training boxing four to five years. I´ve done 29 bouts as an amateur boxer, been top ranked as an amateur, I have wins against some of the Sweden´s today´s best boxer, Ive boxing European- and World-big tournaments with wins, got prices as best boxer, and I have also boxed with the Swedish Team.

Since year 2017 I turned professional. Having a record of 1-0-0 (1KO). 
My trainer is Luis Lagerman.


Maxielit Slagskeppet Gym Bosön Kalmar Instrumentteknik AB